A green and growing landscape is a green and growing investment in your commercial property. Plantasia sharpens the hues between green, greener and greenest. 

Our portfolio includes commercial business parks, apartments, condos, hotels, airports, malls, hospitals, municipalities, senior housing and residential communities.  

Combining over four decades of experiences with state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials, Plantasia’s team of skilled field supervisors and landscapers are well-equipped to provide top-notch services that include:

Landscape Installations & Renovations
Irrigation & Drainage Systems
Outdoor Lighting & Electrical
Rock, Flagstone & Concrete Paving
Living Walls
Green Walls
Retaining Walls
Color Rotation
Sports Courts
Dog Parks
Barbecue Grills
Interior Plants
Rooftop Gardens
Patented TapRoote Self Watering Systems for Exterior & Interior Plantscapes

Turf Maintenance
Lawn Fertilization
Weed Control
Lawn Seeding/Lawn Overseeding
Lawn Edging/Sidewalk Edging/Curb & Driveway Edging
Commercial Lawn Maintenance & Mowing
Artificial Turf Installation
Sod Installation
Fertilization Schedules

Tree Maintenance

We can provide you with an inventory of all of your trees.  We can recommend a tree-trimming program for your trees that will help you establish a tree-trimming budget.


Since water is in short supply in Southern California, each precious droplet is vital to a healthy and verdant landscape.  To ensures moisture levels are always at peak performance, our irrigation technicians are continually on the look out for clogged nozzles, over-spray, under-spray, missing sprinklers, dry areas, and any other irrigation inefficiency.  We are on your side and will exercise judicious irrigation techniques to combat ever-rising water costs.